Best wifi deals for students

Best wifi deals for students

Get up to speed this semester with fast Internet and your choice of TV — from simple streaming to the total package. Ready to view deals available at your off-campus home? Not a student? View other offers. Shop offers at a different address. Online Exclusive Students, save big with exclusive Spring deals!

Compare WiFi broadband deals

Compare broadband deals for students with broadbandchoices [1]. For students heading off to university for the first time, trying to balance living alone while studying can be tricky. Between socialising and making new friends, the practical considerations of moving away from home are usually put to one side. If you've relied on your parent's broadband connection while living at home, you'll need to think about how fast you need your student house broadband to be and how much this will cost when divided up between you and your housemates.

Researching the wide range of student broadband available can be daunting. Those who live in halls of residence during their first year can avoid this, so check whether your internet connection is included as part of your accommodation. Moving into a shared house, however, can mean negotiating a minefield of broadband deals with housemates, budgets and internet habits to consider. There are broadband deals specifically tailored for students, allowing you to take out shorter contracts with more flexibility, but is this the right option for you?

Before you search for the right broadband package, have an honest conversation with your housemates about how the bill - along with your other outgoings - will be paid. Organising your finances in a house share can be difficult, but having an up-front conversation is the best way to tackle a sometimes difficult issue. Student broadband is no different to standard broadband in terms of what you get. Lots of broadband providers offer nine-month contracts, fitting in with the length of time you're likely to live in your student house.

These contracts mean you won't have to pay for broadband while you're not living in the property in the summer vacation, meaning a potential saving when compared to traditional broadband contracts of to months. Non-student-specific broadband deals shouldn't be ignored, though. Broadband companies like you to take out longer contracts, so may reward you with a competitive price for taking out a month deal.

A month-by-month contract could be another option to consider - this would give you the flexibility to cancel at any point, rather than being tied into a contract, but again you may end up paying a premium for that flexibility. The type of broadband you decide on should depend on a number of factors, such as the number of people sharing the accommodation, the speed you need and the download allowance you're after.

If you and your housemates are concerned about cost, mobile broadband could be worth thinking about, but remember that this is likely to come with restrictions with regard to speed, coverage and data allowance. So if you're looking to stream television programmes or are a keen online gamer, you may want to look elsewhere. Fibre optic broadband offers the quickest speeds and a large download allowance, so could be perfect for a shared house.

It can be more expensive, though, so think about the speed you need and your internet usage. If you're also interested in TV packages, it could be a good idea to bundle this with your broadband as attractive deals can be offered. Entertainment packages, like Sky or Virgin media may not be for the majority of students, though - costs can be prohibitive, and you may have sit infront of the box every night to make it worth your money.

As alternatives, streaming services like BBC iPlayer and ITV Player mean you can watch a lot of television online almost as soon as it's been aired you'll still need a TV licence though , while companies such as Netflix and LoveFilm charge monthly subscription fees for access to a wealth of movies and television. If you're looking at broadband-only deals then you may still have to take the cost of a landline into account. Virgin cable broadband Virgin's fibre optic service removes the need for a landline, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the cheapest option, or the right one for you - consider your needs and the other deals on the market.

You may not necessarily need a landline, but the difference in cost between broadband only and a bundled broadband and phone service may be so negligible that it's worth taking advantage of. Your broadband speed affects how quickly web pages load, the speed at which you can download music, TV and films and how well you can stream. To assess the speed of internet connection you and your housemates need, have a chat about your internet usage. Most students are on the internet for large parts of the day for study and research, but what if one of your housemates plays games online or streams data-heavy films?

This could mean you need a higher speed than the average household. Remember that the speed advertised isn't necessarily the speed you get - by the time an ADSL connection has travelled through copper wires to your house, a lot of the speed may be lost. It's been said that - as a rough rule of thumb - you can calculate the true speed of your service by dividing the number of housemates you'll be sharing with by the speed on offer.

So if your service delivers a speed of 30Mbps and you're sharing with four people, your actual speed could be more like 7. Deciding whether you need unlimited data allowance or a capped policy is something that only you and your household can decide, depending on your circumstances and needs. GoCompare uses cookies. By using the website you agree with our use of cookies. Continue Find out how to manage cookies and view our policy here.

Guide to student broadband. Things to remember when considering student broadband: How many people will be sharing the connection? How long a contract should we take out? What speed will we need for good service? Do we want to bundle with digital TV? If you or your housemates are heavy internet users then it might be worth your while going for unlimited usage. See also: Financial guide to independent living Student credit cards Student finance.

Get the Best Student Internet Deals Around

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At bonkers. So whether you're looking for a zero commitment deal, looking for the cheapest deal going or simply want to find out the best way to watch the Premier League on the cheap, we've got you covered. The great news is, Sky's discount lasts for the duration of its contract so when your monthly rate goes up at the end of the first year, you can switch providers to get a better deal! Cheaper than its broadband-only deal, eir is offering a great deal on its broadband and home phone package for sports fans.

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Homework assignments. Whatever used to take place in the classroom with pen and paper can now be done online, and that means reliable Internet for college students is a necessity. If you need Internet for college students, get Frontier. Cable networks get congested in the evenings and slow your speeds, meaning you pay for more speed than you actually get. The Internet is your literal campus, so the student discount Internet plan you choose is important.

Broadband Deals for University Students in NZ

And because our sale just got even better, you can save on your monthly bill too. Offer ends 25 April. We weren't able to check availability. Please give it another go, or try again later. Want to see if you can get faster broadband? Log in to check out your personalised upgrade deals. Can't find your address? Get an estimate using just your postcode.

The best broadband deals for students

Super fast fibre optic broadband means smoother video-streaming, better online gaming and quicker sharing of photos and videos. Set up a FREE reminder and we'll let you know when it's time to switch. To find out more about the uSwitch Awards and how they are selected, please visit our awards homepage. The actual speed you will get depends on your cabling, your area and with non-fibre optic products time of day and how far you are from the telephone exchange. Most providers will tell you the likely speed you will receive when you begin your online sign up — this may differ from the average speed displayed on our table. The deals available at your postcode are subject to local availability. The provider will confirm availability for your line.

Broadband & TV Deals

The best internet service provider is different for everyone. Monthly price is directly linked to speed — and the speed you need depends on a lot of factors, like your online activities and the number of people who will use your internet at any given time. Additionally, internet pricing and promotions change frequently. But where they offer coverage, they hold monopoly. We started our research with the 12 largest providers in the U. Monthly pricing is important, and for a lot of us, the bottom line will sway our opinion more than any benefits. We requested quotes from each provider on our list to compare current rates, installation and equipment rental fees, minimum contract terms, and discounts. And while we are all for a great deal, choosing an internet plan based on price alone can lead to a connection too sluggish to serve your needs.

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Stay on top of your bills for the last 12 months, including any recent charges. Issue with your services?

A student's guide to the best broadband deals

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Broadband Compare has Student broadband plans from all the different internet providers in New Zealand. You might want a 9 month or no contract broadband plan for students. All these companies are offering great broadband deals and no contract broadband options at present including some exclusive deals only available through Broadband Compare. Get in touch with Broadband Compare to help us find the best Broadband plan available at your University at the very best price. Lincoln university student broadband deals - https: University of Canterbury broadband deals - https: Otago University broadband deals - https: Waikato University broadband deals - https: Victoria University broadband deals - https:

We know, we know To make the whole thing less painful - and to save you a few quid, too - our guide to the best broadband deals should prove invaluable, as we dig out all the best cheap internet plans on the UK market and make them easy to compare in the broadband price comparison below. Pop your postcode in and use the handy set of filters to narrow down the perfect plan for you - it literally takes less than a minute to compare broadband deals with our tool. Alternatively, you can see our handpicked favourites for fibre if you can get it , broadband and TV packages and cheap broadband only plans that are really impressing us this month all below. So what broadband deals are standing out for us this month? And if you're undecided as to what kind of broadband deals you should be considering, then keep reading for some handy buying advice. Do you need super fast fibre broadband? There are dozens upon dozens of combinations to pick from, with providers such as Virgin Media, Sky and John Lewis all fighting for your business. BT Superfast Fibre 18 months Avg. See this super popular broadband deal here - or call to purchase by phone. Vodafone Superfast 1 18 months Avg speeds 35Mb Line rental incl. With speeds of 35Mb and no activation fees, there is a lot to love about this offer. Get this super cheap broadband deal from Vodafone - deal ends April Weekend calls are included, too.

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