South america cruise deals 2019

South america cruise deals 2019

South America, the fourth largest continent on our planet, is a diverse place comprised of 12 countries and together they present a plethora of cruise options. It could literally take you years to try them all. You can opt for nature exploration in the Galapagos or Patagonia. You can visit the beautiful fjords of Chile and the rainforests of the Amazon. The continent—spanning from the equator to sub-Antarctica—is worthy of exploration via cruise ship, and the popularity of the available itineraries on South America cruises continues to grow. Keep in mind the sheer size of South America and the changing climates from north to south.

South America Cruises

South America, the fourth largest continent on our planet, is a diverse place comprised of 12 countries and together they present a plethora of cruise options. It could literally take you years to try them all. You can opt for nature exploration in the Galapagos or Patagonia. You can visit the beautiful fjords of Chile and the rainforests of the Amazon. The continent—spanning from the equator to sub-Antarctica—is worthy of exploration via cruise ship, and the popularity of the available itineraries on South America cruises continues to grow.

Keep in mind the sheer size of South America and the changing climates from north to south. But, in general, the South America cruise season begins in November and comes to a close in early May. In Ushuaia in December, for example, the mountaintops may still be covered in snow. Your other alternative is to fly via Auckland.

There are three major types of South America cruises to choose from and due to the distances your ship will travel, almost none of the options are a week long. Instead, cruise lines tuck into more protected waterways like the Beagle Channel between Argentina and Chile. In years past, Amazon River cruises were the stuff for hearty folk only.

It was an opportunity to sail the mysterious river aboard an intimate riverboat and come into contact with some indigenous peoples whose ancestors have lived in the rainforest for hundreds of years. Amazon River itineraries take you places that would be very hard to reach in any other way. The region is remote and the excursions can be rugged. View ocean cruises that include the Amazon. These trips often focus their ports of call on Brazil with a stop or two in Uruguay before disembarking in Argentina.

Bird lovers go crazy over the Galapagos and the unusual birds—like blue-footed boobies and albatrosses—found there. The Ecuadorian government has strict guidelines on the number of vessels and travelers that can visit the area, so the Galapagos Islands—from Santa Cruz to Fernandina to Floreana—are still pristine. Here are some of the most popular ports of call across the different types of itineraries offered.

This cosmopolitan city of million people is a veritable melting pop with individuals with a South American background mixing with those of European descent. The focal point of the square is the May Pyramid that acknowledges the revolution of If you want to see the neighborhood that birthed the tango, head to La Boca. The cobble stone streets beckon, and artists and craftspeople of all types live in this community that was first settled by Italian immigrants.

There are a variety of good museums to visit, but most people start with the Museum of Fine Arts. Shopping is the other major pastime and the block-long pedestrian-only Calle Florida is lined with shops of all types. View cruises from Buenos Aires. Sugarloaf Mountain, the cone-shaped peak rising metres above the harbour, and the Christ the Redeemer Art Deco statue at the top of Corcovado mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park. The statue looks down on the entire city and is a stirring sight no matter your religious affiliation.

The scenery in Rio is dramatic and visitors almost always vow to return to the city that captivates them. Start your visit by taking the funicular ride to the top of Corcovado. Alternatively, for equally compelling panoramic vistas, take a taxi to the base of Sugarloaf and then board the cable car that will take you to the top.

After all, this city is home to Carnival, which is an annual celebration that features samba singing and dancing. It may be worth it to time your South American voyage with Carnival. The dates change each year but generally begin in late February or early March. View cruises from Rio de Janeiro. While not an actual port of call, the Amazon is the very reason why many book South America cruises in the first place.

From the river you can easily view the jungle and the wildlife that makes the shoreline its home. The water itself is a curiosity in places as well—especially at Encontro das Aguas, which means the meeting of the waters. Want to get the latest cruise offers via email? Sign up to Cruise Guru's free newsletter and never miss a deal again! Want to get the latest cruise offers delivered via email? Skip to content.

Buenos Aires. Rio de Janeiro. Sao Paulo. Santiago Valparaiso and San Antonio. Find a Cruise From: Departure Port: Any embarkation port Sydney Brisbane Melbourne Perth Fremantle Cairns Adelaide Auckland Cruise Line: Any cruise line.

South America Cruises

Beautifully renovated ship that offers intimate spaces and lively atmosphere. Most cabins, especially the bathrooms, are small and feel tight. Bottom Line: Perfectly sized to sail into more remote ports; the shore experience is integrated onboard. Outstanding activities, specialty restaurants and kids club. Beautiful ship, where the fun never stops and perfectly designed for warm-weather sailing.

Book flights. Add shore excursions, dining, beverage, and internet.

View More View Less. Cross some amazing destinations off your bucket-list, like Buenos Aires, Argentina; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and, yes, even the tip of Antarctica. Explore the iconic Iguazu Falls. Marvel at the towering Osorno Volcano. Soak up the sun on the beaches of Ipanema. And follow in paths of great explorers as you sail around Cape Horn—the spot where the Pacific and Atlantic oceans meet.

South America

After Sales Service Int. Cruise Clients. Manage My Booking. A South America cruise vacation offers a world of exploration that is as spectacular as it is diverse. As you sail past the dramatic coastline you are greeted with exotic ports of call, modern and energetic cities, diverse cultures and abundant wildlife. Settled by historic explorers, cities like Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Lima and Santiago showcase the rich history of South America and its many European roots and cultures. On a South America Cruise you can explore these colorful, modern and exciting South American ports, see their historic sights, sample local cuisines and learn about their varied cultures.

South America Cruises

Prices shown here are cached, which means the price was the last available known price when last searched. Our price is always based on 2 adults sharing the lowest available room grade, unless otherwise stated. When you view a deal from the list below, we search the latest live price that is available from our hotel, flight, and cruise providers. Prices are subject to change without notice and might be lower or higher than currently shown on this page. Costa Pacifica 19 nights. MSC Fantasia 12 nights. Costa Pacifica 16 nights. MSC Fantasia 20 nights. MSC Fantasia 15 nights.

South America Stay & Cruise

Select a Destination You can select multiple destinations. From the extraordinary Tierra del Fuego archipelago and the stark beauty of Antarctica to the pulsing rhythms and sizzling nightlife at Scenarium in Rio de Janeiro , let Azamara take you to extremes on our cruises to South America. It takes two to tango in Buenos Aires , where you may want to hit the dance floor after feasting on a meal of Argentinian steak, or get an education in the colorful art of Fileteado. Uruguay is still relatively undiscovered by travelers, but not by us. Dive deeper into South America and go beyond port cities. Meet the locals of a self-sustaining Indigenous village in Argentina and experience the thundering Iguazu falls, then bounce over to Brazil to see this natural spectacle from a different perspective. Travel deeper in South America.

Luxury South America Cruises

South America Cruises. Cruise line: Advanced options. Cruise ship: Max cost: South America South America is a destination like no other and a cruise around this part of the world is certain to give you the holiday of a lifetime. South America is becoming one of the fastest growing destinations for cruises and interest in set to soar next year as Rio de Janeiro hosts the Olympics. Celebrity Eclipse.

Cruises to South America - Australia’s best South America Cruise Deals

With thirteen countries spread over 18 million square km, South America is one of the most geographically and culturally diverse regions on earth. Home to astounding natural and man-made wonders, from the snow-capped peaks of the Andes to thousands of miles of stunning white-sand coastline, its captivating colonial cities and small indigenous villages make it a must-see destination, and there really is no better way to take it all in than by cruise. With such a huge expanse of terrain to cover, and poor roads and transport infrastructure, the only way to explore the rugged terrain properly is by ship - a feature which only makes South American cruises more appealing. Sail around this vast continent with luxury line Princess Cruises, which boasts a selection of twelve different itineraries and different extended land excursions as Stay and Cruise options. Or, if you are travelling with kids, MSC is a great choice, offering lots of activities to keep them entertained during days spent at sea. When embarking on your South American cruise adventure, you will soon realise that your ship goes where few hotels exist, and even the hardiest of travellers will experience some relief when they come aboard after a day spent trekking through the jungle. The cruise season typically runs from November through to April, during the South American summer. With so many cruise companies sailing at this time of year, you are bound to find a date to suit you.

Choosing the best time for South America cruises depends on what you are hoping to find.


Beautiful sea, landscapes and so many different emotions, in a kaleidoscope of colors where the luxuriant nature is mistress. South America is so vast and rich in different cultures, it cannot be described with a single word. You may come across endless territories of forests, deserts, beaches, glaciers, fjords and inlets, rivers so immense as to not see one bank from the other, and green so lush that it touches the sea. All dotted with animals of every species, some of them of rare exotic beauty. The European influence is noticeable and has left its mark in the customs, language and even in the architecture, often British, Dutch or mainly Portuguese in style, with clean colors and a neat appearance, which marks the boundary with the exuberance of nature that lies behind the city. Ports featured. Uruguay has an enormously important historical, cultural and natural heritage. We take advantage of our stop in Montevideo to discover it. See all ports: South America. Shore Excursions Some of the most beautiful experiences you can expect on a cruise. Special Offers. IT - All rights reserved.


We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. By continuing to use our website you agree to our cookie policy. We have a dedicated telephone number set up for any customers who have a booking with us that has a flight with Monarch Airlines. The number is 19 72 We have a team of people focussed on helping affected customers. They are proactively making contact with those affected, prioritising those with imminent departures or who are overseas currently. With our collection of bespoke Finest Collection escapes, we can tailor your next cruise and land holiday to your exact needs, combining exciting voyages with immersive excursions and hotel stays in iconic destinations across the globe. Call to order your free brochure today. South America offers a spectacular range of sights and experiences on a luxury cruise.

South America Luxury Cruises

South America is a place like no other. Diverse and spectacularly beautiful, its attractions range from Chilean fjords to lively cities, exuberant people and captivating wildlife. Sailing round Cape Horn is now one of the must-have experiences for the well-travelled. Near the cape, you will find the sheltered waters around Ushuaia on Tierra del Fuego. From here, you might weave through the picturesque Chilean fjords, a place of great beauty and diverse wildlife. Snow-capped mountains, expansive forests and the breathtaking scenery of the Tierra del Fuego National Park attract adventurous visitors and nature-lovers from around the globe. From here the west coast beckons. Punta Arenas in Chile overlooks the Straits of Magellan to the most southerly point of land before you reach Antarctica. And here you can do anything from visiting a penguin colony to flightseeing over the Antartic Peninsula. Travelling along the Chilean coastline is a scenic adventure and one that often ends or begins in the city of Santiago, from Valparaiso. Dominated by its famous Sugarloaf Mountain it is known as the carnival capital of the world. Montevideo, further south, is sedate by comparison, but flawless beaches and colonial Spanish architecture make it an attractive resort. The Amazon is one of the most famous yet undiscovered parts of the world that can make for a truly remarkable cruising experience. Central America is a region with a diverse cultural tapestry and a rich heritage dating back for centuries.

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